Mounds State Park


In the summer right after the new Butterfly Garden was put in at Mounds State Park we paid a little visit to this great local attraction.

Mounds is about 20minutes away along SR32 and offers beautiful scenic trails along the river, through the woods and past ancient indian monuments. Infact it is from the indian monuments that the Mounds State Park gets its name.

As you can see from the photos at the top of this page there are plenty of things to see and on a pleasant day the animals and birds will come out and practically pose for a photograph.

The following information is taken from the IN.GOV DNR Website.

Mounds State Park, located off I-69 east of Anderson, features 10 unique earthworks built by prehistoric Indians known as the Adena-Hopewell people. The largest earthwork, the Great Mound, is believed to have been constructed around 160 B.C. Archaeological surveys indicate the mounds were used as gathering places for religious ceremonies, from where astronomical alignments could be viewed.

Be sure to visit our new interpretive center, which includes a wildlife viewing room, animal displays, interactive games and more. Hours are 11 am – 4 pm daily from November to March and 9 am to 5 pm daily. Also, take a tour of the newly-restored Historic Bronnenberg House which highlights this 1800’s family and their stewardship of the mounds – open weekends from May through September.


Note: For trail locations, view the property map under the MAPS tab.

1. EASY (1 mile)—You will find the 20 most common trees in Indiana marked for your convenience along this trail. The trail also winds around four prehistoric mounds, one of which is the Great Mound, the focal point of the park. A tree guide and mounds history guide can be obtained at the Visitors Center.

2. RUGGED (.5 mile)—Begins at pavilion. Going to the left, it descends to a boardwalk that skirts a spring-fed creek and onto the backside of the Great Mound. When starting from behind the pavilion, it provides a shortcut down stairs to the White River and intersects with Trail 5.

3. MODERATE (.9 mile)—The trail descends into the woods from the first two parking lots on the left side of the road in the picnic area. It winds through the forest, providing views of different species of birds and animals. It intersects with Trail 5 and skirts the backside of the pavilion.

4. RUGGED (.7 mile)—Begins from the back parking lot at the pool. This trail is suited for the avid hiker because of its rugged terrain and steep hills. It can be traveled to and from the campground via a long boardwalk, which descends into a ravine with a creek and then climbs up the bluff. It provides a scenic overlook with all types of wildlife and many of our feathered friends. It intersects Trail 5 three times.

5. MODERATE WITH HILLS (2.5 miles)—Begins at the main gate and skirts the boundary of the park. It provides a scenic view as it follows along the White River and the limestone bluffs. One might catch glimpses of different types of waterfowl and aquatic life. It crosses several creeks and goes on into the woods, where all kinds of songbirds, along with upland game, make their home. This is a great trail for spring wildflower enthusiasts and for fans of the majestic hardwood trees that populate the forest. It is the longest and most popular trail in the park.

6. MODERATE (.4 mile)—Begins at the campground control station and leads to either the campground or the canoe launch area. This trail works great for campers who wants to fish or purchase minor items from the camp store. It’s a great trail for a short hike and enjoying the outdoors.



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