Summit Lake State Park


Summit Lake State Park is a park located near New Castle, Indiana in east-central Indiana. Summit Lake became Indiana's 19th state park in 1988. The park covers 2,680 acres, including an 800-acre lake.

There are plenty of walking trails with many animals and critters to see, lots of birds to spot during spring and summer.


Note: For trail locations, view the property map under the MAPS tab.

1. PRAIRIE TRAIL-MODERATE (2 miles)—Starts in the open but soon enters the largest wood lot in the park. Hikers will see areas of oak-hickory mixed with cherry, ash and areas of beech-maple mix. The topography includes uplands and low glacial depressions. The remainder of the trail traverses open rolling established prairie, with views of the lake.

2. CAMPGROUND-MODERATE (1.25 miles)—Starts in the small oak-hickory woods, with a glacial depression that stays wet year-round. The trail then goes through some scrub growth on the edge of the fields, then into open fields across rolling terrain, with excellent views of the lake.

3. BEACH TRAIL- Accessible (.9 mile) —This trail has a firm and stable surface with less than 2% cross slopes, grades no greater than 5% and widths no less than 60 inches. The trail starts in a small wooded lot. The trees include maple, oak and cherry. The remainder of the trail is mostly open, with views of the lake across rolling topography.

4. SELF-GUIDED NATURE TRAIL-MODERATE (.75 mile)—The trail begins in a field of prairie grasses punctuated with the bright colors of wildflowers in the summer. It winds through a meadow with young tuliptrees, second-growth shrubs and a wet area with a short boardwalk. The trail ends with a scenic view of the lake. Hikers may see waterfowl, swallows and other water-loving birds, depending on the season. A bench along the path offers a quiet resting place for bird watching.



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